Photography is my passion…

Michaela’s journey started more than 10 years ago in Slovakia ( Europe).

“My dream wedding day was coming up and as every new bride to be, I was super excited. But my destiny turned out to be different. My future husband decided to cancel the wedding. I was devastated and heartbroken. As I was walking down the street to return my wedding dress I saw a store with camera equipment in the window. I went in and bought my first camera SLR and that’s how my passion for photography begun.

I’ve studied photography in Europe and continued in New York where I had a few exhibitions.

This formed a great base for me to create images with European style and grace that look natural and relaxed.

I shoot romantic portraiture, weddings, candid moments. The way I approach wedding photography is to create a story just as you were reading a book, but through the pictures. My goal is to capture the most important images of the day, often influenced by humor. Photography is my passion in life. For me, being able to catch a moment in the life of somebody fills me with happiness. Combining art and creativity, I give people images that are meaningful. My goal is to seize the essence of the details and emotions that will ensure that the wedding couple gets the most beautiful memory of their day.

With my pictures you can be sure that I’ll capture the best moments and you can focus on the most important things on your wedding day, each other!

Even though my story started with a broken heart it gave me lots of strength and taught me that things happens for a reason. If it wasn’t for the cancelled wedding, I wouldn’t had started taking pictures professionally and never met my husband who I met at a wedding…

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